Coffee Roastery

Coffee and Cacao Roastery

We Love Excellent Coffee!

And that’s exactly what we want to offer you. For that reason, all of our coffee and cacao varieties are roasted fresh in our shop using only the highest quality raw beans from South and Middle America, Asia, or Africa. We pay meticulous attention to detail — from the selection of green coffee and cacao, to our roasting process, to the blend of varieties we create — in order to bring you a perfect final product.

Our artisanal roasting process allows us to offer you exceptional coffees that are fundamentally different from those produced industrially. We roast our beans in a traditional “Probat” drum roaster, slowly, in small batches, and at low temperatures that are carefully calibrated and suited to each varietal. Through this optimal process the more than 800 different aromas in the bean are brought to life creating an especially aromatic, flavorful coffee which is also low in acidity.

You’re welcome to look over our shoulder as we roast a batch, and enjoy the wafting of coffee and chocolate aromas and the crackling of beans. Naturally you can enjoy all of our delicious coffees at the café, and you can also buy a bag of fresh whole or ground beans to take with you. You can also purchase our coffees at our online shop.
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Like it Used to Be, Made by Hand With Love

Baking is an art that combines a love of hand work, with skill, experience and the finest ingredients. Our cakes and pies are still made in our bakery like they used to be, by hand with love and only the very best ingredients, just for you.

Not only do all our fine cakes and pies come out of our own bakery at Pakolat, but also the fresh rolls and brick oven sour dough bread for our delicious breakfasts and sandwiches. We give our bread the time it needs to rise. In addition to that, the only thing that goes into our home baked breads is flour, yeast, salt and water. That’s all a good bread needs to be purely delicious, so that’s all that goes into ours — no additives or preservatives.

Anyone who wishes can peer through the grand old Berlin factory window at the back of our café and watch us at work baking. Let the warm sweet smells wake up your appetite.
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Every Slice a Pure Delight

Each of our desserts is a special treat for your palette. We blend traditional techniques and recipes that have been handed down, with current trends from the modern French patisserie. We have a diverse assortment ranging from fine cakes, pies and cookies, and even a few homemade chocolate pralines. Our selection changes throughout the year to allow us to work with the best seasonal fruits and berries.
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Custom Designs

Cake Orders

For Weddings and Special Occasions

From Our Assortment

Would you like a whole cake or pie from our assortment? We’d be happy to take your order. But remember — good things take time! Please give us 1 to 3 days advanced notice, so we can fit your order into our busy baking schedule.

Special Orders

Perhaps you need something unique for a special event? For those special occasions such as weddings, christenings, bithdays or coporate events we’d be happy to create a beautiful custom designed cake just for you. Be sure to get in touch at least 3 weeks in advance of your event so we can set up an appointment, with no obligations, to discuss the possibilites. Feel free to bring along photos of cakes you like, fabric swatches from your dress, or the invitation, etc. to help us design your dream cake. Simply share your ideas with us and we’ll try to make all your “sweet” dreams come true.

The Pakolat Bakery looks forward to your special order! Tel: (030) 44 79 38 83
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Carefully Selected Gourmet Specialties

If you’re in the mood for something savory, we serve breakfasts and light fare all day. We have something for every taste — from an assortment of the finest cold cuts and cheese specialties from Italy, Spain and France to vegan breakfast or fruit plates. Carefully selected and exquisitely prepared, just for you.

Try, for example, one of our meat and cheese platters with tasty cheeses from France and Spain, plus Serrano ham and Italian salamis, delicately sliced on our antique hand cranked Berkel B2 slicing machine. Or try a hearty slice of Pakolat’s stone-oven baked sour dough bread with delicious butter and, depending on your taste, a topping of ham, salami, cheese and the finest spreads. If you prefer, you can also choose from an assortment of baguette or hot panini.

All our ingredients are sourced at local markets, directly from the producer or from specially selected gourmet purveyors. Our aim is to bring you food that is tasty, healthy and sustainable. There’s something to satisfy everyone’s appetite.
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Hot Drinks

Hot Drinks

Relax and Enjoy

We make sure to extract the best of the coffe bean. Our experienced baristas take great care to strictly adhere to the optimum amounts, extraction times and temperatures which are crucial to drawing an exquisite coffee. We use two different brewing methods in order to ensure that our freshly roasted coffees unfold their aromas to the fullest in your cup.

One method uses a FAEMA E 61. This is a semi-automatic Italian espresso machine that was developed in the early 60’s but still sets the standard when it comes to making a perfect espresso. We use our house blend “No 2”, made from a mix of finest arabica 60% and robusta 40% beans, in our espresso based specialty drinks.

The other method, for classic coffee, employs a Rowenta double-filter machine from 1955. In this machine the freshly ground coffee is extracted under a pressure of 0.5 bar and flows through two separate filters. In this way, all the distinct nuances of our different coffee varietals with their more than 800 distinguishable aromas are brought to full bloom.

In addition to our many coffee specialties, we offer more than 20 types of loose teas with premium grade leaf quality. We also serve delicious hot chocolate, made with the finest French Valrhona chocolate. In order to satisfy every taste, we also have an assortment of fresh ginger, citrus or fruit infusions.
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Historic Detail


Over 110 Years of Baking History

Raumer Street 40 is a location with more than 110 years of baking history. The 20th century had just begun when young master baker Albin Haubold opened the first gourmet bakery at this address in 1901. He successfully operated the bakery for decades until his retirement. Sometime in the 40’s the bakery Otto Lucko moved in and operated here probably until the early 70’s. When exactly Lucko baked his last roll is not known exactly.

During the construction of our bakery we found a curiosity dating back to that time. In a crevice was hidden a well preserved antique “Lucko praline” which even after all the decades still smelled a little like chocolate.

Since 2010 baking has returned to this historic site and we sincerely hope that master bakers Haubold and Lucko are pleased with us.
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